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“Leave it in the RinG” radio has been established since 2008 and has climbed their way to be mentioned as one of the best internet boxing radio shows on the air waves !  With providing some of the best and exclusive interviews to the Boxing World , they include real hardcore boxing fans views to the listeners with a behind the scene inside take.

LIITR is the first to ever stream their show live at a boxing gym to conduct interviews with fighters and trainers. By putting their show on USTREAM they are able to allow listeners to see the show in action with fighters training .

LIITR were also the first to cover and break PED stories . Having ex-Balco owner Victor Conte and founder of Vada Testing Dr. Margaret Goodman educate the staff and listeners in how to clean up the sport.

The show has inspired others to follow in their footsteps by creating similar spin-offs of “Leave it in the RinG” . Not to mention setting the bar in how to present a boxing radio show to an audience by keeping real questions asked to guests .

Join the crew as they report the news and provide information on the sport a fan cannot get anywhere else .

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David Duenez


The founder and creator of “Leave it in the RinG” radio , David Duenez quickly made his name in the boxing media from his aggressive fan style approach on the radio and his 1-on-1 interviews . From getting his start on YouTube in 2006 as a video blogger who analyzed upcoming fights , Duenez, was the 1st to launch a website and format a radio show for the boxing fans.




Gabriel Montoya


Gabriel Montoya is one of the most respected journalists in the boxing field and has become one of boxing radio voices to be a must listen too. The Co-host of “Leave it in the RinG” and writer to Maxboxing.com Montoya brings insight knowledge of the sport with his direct in your face approach in interviews that has had the community roaring to hear more .

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David Chen


The producer of “Leave it in the RinG” radio , David Chen is also a writer for the Undisputed Fight Magazine .The only child of first-generation Chinese immigrants, David Chen was first introduced to boxing during his college years when he began training at various gyms in the greater Baltimore area for fitness purposes. From that point on, Chen’s interest in the sport grew and he became an active member of the YouTube boxing community where he blogged and socialized with other die-hard fans of the sport. It was through his YouTube channel that Chen was able to meet future “Leave it in the Ring “ radio owner David Duenez and was eventually offered the opportunity to become a member of his team. Since then, Chen obtained his degree in History from the University of Maryland and began fulfilling a myriad of roles for Leave it in the Ring, providing freelance boxing writing and making numerous co-host appearances. Chen is currently the producer of the weekly Leave it in the Ring radio show and continues to provide content for its sister magazine Undisputed Fight Magazine .

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Barbara Pinnella

Barbara Pinnella had always wanted to write, but it took a long time to actually get to this point. She graduated with a BA in English from Cal State Northridge and for many years continued with her love of owning and showing horses. This eventually brought her to journalism, when she had the opportunity to write for a show jumping magazine. That magazine, Jump!, quickly became international, and allowed her to travel to Mexico, Canada, and Europe. At that same time she wrote a weekly article for several  professional wrestling websites. She has not looked back since. Currently she covers boxing and rodeo, and loves doing interviews with athletes involved in both of those sports.

Still a horse trainer by profession, Barbara trains horses and riders as well as going to horse shows. And whenever time permits she also loves running her Corgi Tarah in agility competitions.

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Josh McDaniel

Josh McDaniel is a  manager/promoter for musicians and a full time boxing writer for “Leave it in the RinG” radio , who lives out of the San Fernando Valley .  Josh has been a hardcore boxing fan since his youth . He started using twitter to vent and discuss boxing topics . He later decided to start his boxing blog site giving him the opportunity to cover an event leading  to writing on everything boxing, such as issues, fighter match ups, prospects and much more. He even has ventured in helping promote/sell tickets for club shows for fighters in the surrounding L.A area .

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Brian Fogg has since  his youth been a boxing fan, now he is thrilled with the opportunity to write about the sport . Originally from Midland, Michigan, he currently lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan ,where he is pursuing a journalism degree at Western Michigan University. Thru this time he was traveled the world, visiting 17 different countries. Fogg enjoys researching stories that are off the beat in order to give his readers something interesting.  More specifically he enjoys researching legal issues. His past work can also be found at TheFarmClub.net

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