Adrien Broner’s Arrest Record : A Courthouse Regular

by Brian Fogg

Adrien Broner is unquestionably a top talent in the ring, where he has dominated all opponents with ease to this point. Despite that he is just as well known for his interesting antics outside of the ring, especially in recent weeks. Just last week he was arrested and charged with an Assault and Battery in Miami-Dade County, Florida. In this it is well documented that he got into an altercation with a few men to where he allegedly “bit” a man on the arm during the fight.

His most recent mugshot that he posted on Instagram

His most recent mugshot that he posted on Instagram

Him being in the limelight has brought attention to this, but this is far from his first arrest during his short adult life (he is 23 years old). He has had multiple run ins with the law that garnered little attention being that this was before his fame in boxing had risen. His juvenile record is not available since most states expunge (hide) these from public record.

His documented troubles began shortly before his 18th birthday in 2007 where he was arrested and charged on 4/3/07 with an Aggravated Robbery, and 2 counts of Felonious Assault and Battery (despite being a minor, due to the severity of the crime he was charged as an adult). All 3 of those charges were Felonies. He was able to be free’d after making a bail of $100,000 cash, but during this period he violated his bond when he was once again charged with Assault and Battery (a misdemeanor version) on 8/17/07. This charge was dropped nearly 3 weeks after.

Broner was acquitted of the 3 major charges as well that October, but this was only the beginning.  In September of 2008 he was charged with Carrying a Concealed Weapon (another Felony), but once again was acquitted jury a jury trial 12 months later. During this time while awaiting trial he was unable to stay away from trouble again, being charged with an Intimidation of a Witness and an Aggravated Menacing in December of 2008. But this was dismissed 3 months later due to a lack of feasible evidence. That also counted as a violation of his bond.

He was able to stay out of the courtroom after this for nearly 3 years while he rose thru the ranks as an A-list prospect. But he was arrested once more just a few months ago on 12/21/12, for yet another Assault and Battery. This charge is still pending, and his next court date will be held in the upcoming future on an unspecified date.

During this time once again he failed to live by the guidelines involved with his bond, with his recent Miami arrest. Every boxing fan will agree that he is a phenomenal talent, but one can only wonder how long he can continue to live fast and loose before it comes back to seriously damage his career.

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