Khan Destroys Molina in Easy Victory

By Barbara Pinnella

Photos by Marlene Marquez

We had a full plate of boxing put on by Golden Boy Promotions and SHOWTIME Sports, starting with fights on CBS, then SHOWTIME EXTREME, and finally SHOWTIME. I have covered the fights on SHOWTIME here, and have a separate article for the SHOWTIME Extreme and CBS fights.


The main event of the evening was between Amir “King” Khan (27-3, 19 KOs) and Carlos Molina (17-1-1, 7 KOs), and was for the vacant WBC Silver super lightweight title. This fight was for a scheduled 12 rounds.

Amir Khan having his way with the game Carlos Molina

Khan started out the aggressor in the first, and connected with hard shots. Molina suffered a cut over his left eye about midway through that first round. In the second Molina was trying to strike, and did land a few on Khan, but Amir was still the slicker of the two. This was a better round for Molina, however.

Carlos was more active yet in the third and was able to get in some pretty good punches. Khan was still firing on all cylinders, while Molina kept trying to fight back. But it was quickly becoming apparent that Khan was too fast and too strong for Carlos. The fourth round was all Amir. He would just smother Carlos with four and five punch combinations that Molina could not escape from.

In the fifth Molina hit Khan with a couple of his best punches of the night, exciting the crowd. But it was still not nearly enough to offset the continuing combinations being thrown and connecting by Amir.

The sixth round was more of the same. Khan was in complete control, and while Carlos would land a few, Amir was calling all the shots. It was the same in the seventh and eighth. It was almost as if Amir was just toying with Molina. Carlos would get in a few punches, only to be assaulted by Khan again.

Molina was the ultimate Mexican Warrior. He was so game and really took a lot of punishment. At the end of the tenth round referee Jack Reiss was really thinking about stopping the fight, then allowed one more round. But at the conclusion of that round the referee had seen enough and stopped the fight. There was no need for Molina to take any more punishment than he already had.

A celebrating Khan

The victorious Khan immediately called out Danny Garcia for his next fight. With regard to his pairing with trainer Virgil Hunter, Amir said, “Virgil is a great trainer, and I feel I’m getting better as a fighter. He is teaching me boxing, speed, patience, picking the right shot and knowing when to throw it.

“Carlos took some good shots and kept coming forward,” Khan continued. “That is when I thought to my self that I was going to have to keep to the game plan and not get too aggressive.”

Molina said, “I don’t know what happened. I wanted to pull the trigger, but I don’t know what happened out there. “I wanted to pull the trigger, but I couldn’t get my hands to go.  I had a lack of precision. He was fast in his jab, and I was hesitant in trying to get in because he has a long reach.

“I didn’t do my job.  I lost my undefeated record.

“I felt like I connected two or three times, but I wasn’t in the right distance to reconnect after I wobbled him. I am going to go back (to the drawing board), work hard and get back in the ring.”

The vacant WBC Continental Americas heavyweight title was on the line when Deontay Wilder (26-0, 26 KOs) went up against Kelvin Price (13-1, 6 KOs). These were not only heavyweights, but both men were 6’7” tall as well. This fight was scheduled for 10 rounds. the men seemed to be feeling each other out a bit in the first. Wilder started to really jump on Price just before the bell rang.

In the second it was pretty evident that Price was going to grab Wilder to keep from being hit. It made for a round that had the fans in attendance booing. But all that changed in the third, when a huge overhand right sent Price to the canvas at :51 seconds, a shot he never recovered from. Just like that the fight was over.

After the fight, Wilder said, “Bomb squad baby. I practice patience in the ring because I know my punch is going to come and my opponent is going to get hit.” Wilder said. “It’s just a matter of time, but when it comes, it’s going to work and tonight it did.

“Everyone has their season and it might not come when you expect it, but it does come.  Tonight my season came for me. My experience has started to pay off and I felt great in there tonight.

“I feel more polished now. We set a goal we wanted to reach and tonight it seems like that goal is almost there.”

As for Price, he offered up no excuses. “I felt like I was controlling the action and just getting into my rhythm,” he said. “Then he hit me with a good shot.  I could have continued, but I take my hat off to Deontay. He’s very strong and was the better man tonight.”

Alfredo Angulo lands one on Jorge Silva

In the first fight on SHOWTIME, Alfredo Angulo (22-2, 18 KOs) faced off against Jorge Silva (18-3-2, 14 KOs) in a middleweight bout scheduled for 10 rounds. the first round was non-stop action from both fighters. Angulo got in the first shots, but Silva returned fire and then some. For the last half of the fight they exchanged blows and each man tattooed the other.

Alfredo’s jab and follow-up right hand was working much better in the second, and he was able to do some damage to Silva. Right at the end of the round Angulo got off some major shots. But Alfredo had to be careful. Several times in the third and fourth rounds it looked as if he would get his opponent out of there, but then Silva would rally back and land hard shots. This Jorge is one tough kid.

Each round was similar, with both men doing damage to the other. They were fighting hard and continuing to press each other. The seventh round was a very good one for Silva, as he was able to connect with solid lefts and rights.

Going into the ninth round both men were looking tired, and rightfully so. They had gone to war for eight rounds and were still giving it their all. Jorge hit Alfredo with a great one-two combination that rocked Angulo. This was an exciting fight.

The final round saw more of the same. Angulo seemed to get his second wind a bit and his energy was up a little more than Silva’s. The tenth round probably went to Angulo. We went to the scorecards, and all of the judges saw it the same, 97-93, all for Alfredo. This was a great fight, and much credit to Silva, who was tough as nails and showed determination and heart. He is only 20 years old. What a future Jorge has!

“I asked for a fighter that would make me work because I wanted to see where I really was after taking a year off,” Angulo said. “I think I am a lot better than I was then. I threw a lot of punches and he did too, but I had to take it slow because I felt a bit sluggish in there. For some reason I came in the ring tonight at 168, which I have never done before. I thought I could knock him out in the 7th or 8th round, but he went into survival mode.

“I’m happy I got the work and it makes me feel good that I have a better idea of where my career can go.”

The young Silva said, “That was a really tough fight and I thought I was doing enough to win some of the rounds the judges gave to him. It was a hard fight and I had to fight every round.

“He was strong and hit me with some good shots. I was expecting a tough fight tonight and that is what the fight was. I’m disappointed I didn’t get the win.”

So, a lot of boxing made for a long day, but there were many bright spots. We saw some good, promising young fighters on the rise, knockout king Wilder adding one more notch to his belt, the continuation of the Santa Cruz express, Angulo getting tested and being successful, and Khan show his dominance. All in all, a good time.

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