Night Before New Years Poem

By Barbara Pinnella


T’was the night before New Years, yeah I know that’s wrong,

But the writing of this, well it just took too long

To be finished by Christmas, but it’s just a week late,

And that is one fact that I cannot debate.


We saw many fights that excited and pleased,

And so many fighters, both good and just teased

That they might make it big and turn into champs,

But lots of them came through – they did please their camps.


There are some who aren’t loved even though they can fight.

Many sitting at ringside seem to take great delight

In booing some fighters, one name comes to mind.

It’s Adrien Broner, to him fans aren’t kind.


They don’t like his style and they don’t like his swag,

And they really dislike it when he starts to brag.

But make no mistake, the man, he’s a winner,

Even though most wouldn’t take him to dinner.


And Danny Garcia, this kid, he is good!

But daddy’s not helping and most wish that he would

Just shut up already and let his kid fight,

‘Cause Danny knows just how to finish the night.


But how about the others – there are so many men,

Like Sergio, Chavez Jr., Guerrero, and then

Salido and Rios, Maidana, and Floyd,

Mares, Ward, and Canelo are three more to avoid.


There is young man, his name’s Santa Cruz,

And in 23 fights he has yet to lose.

His future looks bright and he should win more belts,

For all of his talent is the good hand he was dealt.


Josesito was brave, and daring, and tough,

But everyone knows that’s not always enough.

Lopez didn’t give up though, he did come to fight,

And earned the respect of the fans on that night.


Some men have retired from the sport that they love.

Or so they say now, but maybe sort of.

It’s a hard choice, but Ricky Hatton bowed out,

After losing a heartbreak, for now, there’s no doubt.


And Erik Morales, a class guy for sure,

Will fight but one more, he wants to ensure

That his fans in Tijuana, which is his home town

Will get to say ‘bye, then watch him step down.


And then there were knockouts, oh boy, there sure were!

Wilder caught Price, and that punch was a blur.

Gary Russell’s another whose gloves took command.

In his last fight with Roberto things went just as planned.


Of course there are more, too many to mention

But I think there was one that caught our attention.

Perhaps the biggest, bad knockout of all

Was the punch thrown by Marquez causing Manny to fall.


But there are more ways to be brave and be tough,

Ask Angulo, Paul Williams, and Jacobs, it’s been rough.

Each man’s had a personal battle to fight,

But at the end of the tunnel they do see the light.


So for all of these fighters who fought fights in the ring,

And out of them too, know that you’re all kings.

Great things are out there and the future is bright,

Happy New Year to all, and to all a good night!


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