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ADRIEN BRONER, Newly Crowned WBC Lightweight World Champion [Scored an eighth round technical knockout victory over Antonio DeMarco]


“I was shaking and baking him and flipped him up.


“I knew coming into this to fight that this was going to be a world class fight, but I knew he didn’t have the skills to beat me.


“He was definitely the toughest opponent I’ve faced.  He was strong and he could take a punch.


“I’ll fight anybody.  I’m going to be running this city and sport for a long time to come.


“I don’t try to knock people out, but I have the ability to press him and get the cheese.


“What can I say after a performance like that?  I am elite.  Like I said coming into this fight, I’m an elite fighter that can make a great fighter look like an amateur and I think that’s what I did tonight.


“I smiled, danced and cried my way out [of the ring].


“I am a true champion.  I bust my ass every day.


“I came into the fight looking for a war because I know DeMarco is warrior.  He tried.


“I am 25-0, with 21 knockouts.  I am a Two-Time World Champion at 23-years-old.


“They say before you make something happen you have to see it yourself.  I have been seeing it for a long time and I am living my dream.


“I don’t like losing.  I don’t even like to lose weight.”



ANTONIO DEMARCO, Former WBC Lightweight World Champion


“As we know how to win, we know how to lose and that is why I am here [at the post-fight press conference].  I want to congratulate Broner.  He is a great fighter and tonight was his night.


“It doesn’t end here.  I want to show my daughter that dreams can come true and I want to stay [in this sport].


“I want to thank the people that have supported me.


“This was a great experience for me in my career.  I am a very brave guy and I will come back with more hunger.  I make that promise for  my family, for my daughter and for my baby on the way.  I want to be a good example for them.


“Broner is a very elusive fighter.  I fell into his game and into his fight.


“Without a doubt, Broner is a very complete fighter.  I am glad to have fought him.  I like big challenges and I think Broner is a super fighter.  Congratulations to him.”



JOHNATHON BANKS, Newly crowned NABO & WBC International Heavyweight Champion [Scored a second round knockout win over Seth Mitchell.]


“I have so much momentum going right now.  All I can think about is how thankful I am for Emanuel Steward.  Without boxing, I wouldn’t be here and he taught me the game of boxing.


“Emanuel was with me in spirit.  He was in my ear telling me to keep moving and keep boxing.  He was with me the whole time.  I dedicate this victory to Emanuel.


“He never saw my left hook.


“He wasn’t experienced enough to hold or grab onto me after I hurt him.


“Sparring with Wladimir is a dirty job, but someone has to do it.


“I was very motivated for this fight.  I’m not just an opponent.


“He’s a big strong guy, but I hurt him and he didn’t know what to do.


“I knew I had a very strong and determined guy in front of me.


“I am ready to continue my rise to the top.


“I want to thank Seth Mitchell and his whole team for their attitude.  They didn’t have to take this fight.  A lot of times, you don’t see first-rate guys in boxing.  Seth is a first rate guy.”



SETH MITCHELL, Former NABO Heavyweight Champion


“I could have gotten through the [second] round, but the ref did what he had to do.


“I’m good.  He caught me and he dazed me.  I am upset.


“In the second round, the game plan was to be smart.  I was trying not to get caught, but then I threw a looping shot and he did what he was supposed to do, he counter-punched me.


“I will bounce back.  This might set me back a little bit, but don’t be sorry for me, be sorry for my next opponent.


“I congratulate Johnathon.  He caught me in that first round, but I threw some shots that I know he felt.


“I got a little reckless and he capitalized on my reaching, countered and he did what he was supposed to do.


“Of course I am disappointed, but physically, I’m great.  I want to get back to the drawing board.


“Johnathon Banks, I wish you continued success.”



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