roman-2By Barbara Pinnella

Photos by Andrea Kaus

Tonight Thompson Boxing Promotions gave us their last show of the year New Blood, held at the Doubletree Hotel in Ontario, CA. The main event starred Danny “The Baby Face Assassin” Roman (21-2-1, 7 KOs) going up against the unbeaten Columbian Marlon Olea (12-1 11 KOs). This fight was scheduled for eight rounds in the super bantamweight division.

As one would expect from these men, they came out swinging. Olea went on the immediate attack, but Roman answered back rather quickly and got some good combinations in during the round. Both fighters were really quick, and the action promised to be there throughout the fight.

And that was certainly was certainly the case in the second. Both fighters would move in fast and land some punches, then wait a bit, then attack again. Danny’s combinations were really working for him, and it seemed that he needed that speed to match the undefeated Marlon. Right at the end of the round there was an accidental head butt that opened up a cut on the forehead of Roman.

The third round was very strong for Roman, as he added some good uppercuts to his repertoire in the round. In the fourth, both men were once again landing on each other. After the halfway point the two fighters had each scored points.

In the fifth Olea was backpedaling a little bit. He looked to be avoiding Danny’s punches and was able to land some of his own. But Roman continued the pressure, chasing and getting leather on Marlon as well. In the sixth, after landing his best punch of the night right between Roman’s gloves, Olea took a really solid shot. He didn’t go down, but it made the hit he gave to Danny certainly not count as much.

romanA couple of seconds into round seven another head butt made Caiz Jr. take a look at both fighters, but the fight continued. The round was a very strong one for Roman, as he chased and caught his opponent at every turn, hitting him with lefts and rights at will.

We went into the eighth and final. As had been the case for most of the fight, Roman was able to land most of his punches. We went to the scorecards. All three saw the fight the same, 80-72, all for Roman. With that, Danny handed Olea the first loss of his pro career.

In the co-main event of the evening we saw Giovani “Gallo do Oro” Santillan (20-0, 11 KOs) facing off against Miguel Angel Mendoza (23-10, 22 KOs). This was a fight in the welterweight division and scheduled to go eight rounds.

giovaniFor about the first half of the round it was very hard for Santillan to land any leather on Mendoza, for Miguel would duck down quite low, causing Giovani to miss with his shots. But then Santillan figured out his style and began to adapt, and be able to hit him. Still, Miguel was proving to be quite slippery.

In the second, mainly because Mendoza gets so low, a punch thrown by Giovani landed below the belt. They took some time for Miguel to recover, referee Raul Caiz Sr. talked to Gio, then after another few seconds took a point away from Santillan for the low blow.

The third brought a nice cut over the eye of Mendoza, and for a lot of the round the blood was flowing. Before the fourth Caiz Sr. had the doctor take a look at it, but the fight continued. Santillan really had his opponent measured now and was taking full advantage of things. As he was pounding away on Miguel, the corner waved to Caiz Sr. and the fight was stopped at 1:26 of round four. Santillan remained undefeated.

riceHeavyweights Mario Heredia (14-6, 12 KOs) and Johnny Rice (5-2-1, 3 KOs) took to the ring in a fight that was to go a scheduled six rounds. Sometimes the big men don’t provide much action in the first round, but while there was no damage done, at least they were swinging and trying to land punches.

An overhand right early in the second round landed heavily on Heredia, and he ended up sitting on his butt. Knockdown aside, Rice still looked to be the best in the round, but right at the end Mario came back and landed some solid shots, only to be stopped by the bell.

rice-winLike Heredia did in the second, Rice really got some heavy hands on Mario in the third. In the fourth he continued where he left off with some well-placed head shots. Another overhand right put Heredia down for the second time.

About midway through the fifth round, a hard but short right hand by Rice put Heredia down for the third time, and Caiz Jr. almost immediately waved the fight off. The final time was 1:31. Johnny really enjoyed his victory, as he came out of the ring smiling, waving and hi-fiving the fans.

garciaRudy Garcia (4-0, 1 KO) went up against Joel Cano-Castro (0-4). This fight was in the super bantamweight division and scheduled for four rounds. While there were no knockouts, Garcia was in complete control of the opening round. He dished out a lot of punishment on Castro.

The battering continued in the second. Rudy was hitting Joel with both hands and landing all over his opponent. Kudos to Castro that he did not go down under the onslaught. It was much of the same in the third round and in the fourth.

Garcia was unable to stop Castro, so we went to the scorecards. One judge saw the fight 40-35, while the other two had it 40-36, all, not surprisingly, for Garcia.

dutchoverTo start up off we saw a super featherweight bout featuring Michael Dutchover (2-0, 2 KO), who faced off against Sergio Campos, who was making his professional debut. Dutchover was in this position last month, and was victorious in his first fight.

This contest was over quickly. Dutchover landed a perfect one-two punch, and that second one was a brutal body shot. It took Campos a few seconds, but then he slowly crumpled down to a knee. The fight was over at :51 seconds of that very first round, when referee Raul Caiz Jr. reached the count of 10. Michael looked great in victory.

So the last show is in the books. The fights were entertaining, and the winners shined in their individual performances. All looked good and dominated their opponents. Newcomer Dutchover looked good last month and again here, and he might be one to watch as his career develops.


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