Who is the biggest jerk in boxing this week – Ward Charlo Lara Cotto Crawford ?

charlo-williamsWarning this is all in good fun if you are easily offended go to your SAFE PLACE


Every Wednesday night at 6: 30 pm pst LIITR host and founder Dave (@LIITRBOXING) Duenez and co-host Felipe (@SDFights) Leon talk all the latest boxing news on Leave it in the RinG. Dave and Felipe give a fresh and unfiltered take on  the world of boxing with fan interactive debates, breaking news ,and in-depth no-holds-barred  interviews with the top names in the sport.

Tonight Dave and Felipe introduce their new segment The Biggest Jerk in boxing this week , it’s sort of our P4P . So we give the names of the fighters ( Lara, Cotto , Charlo ,Crawford ,and honorable mention Andre Ward ) that ended on our weekly list and our pick of who is the biggest of them all . Most importantly we want to hear your feed back in who you think the badge should go too or if we missed anyone .

The list is compelled of who made the biggest jerk move in the week of boxing , we break down each individual in what they did to make weeks list . Now our pick is not set and stoned ,reason is all the picks could be argued in who carries the title of Jerk of the week .  So tweet us (@LIITRBOXING) or comment in the box below .


And the LIITR  crew takes fight fans’ calls from our hotline 347-215-7598.

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